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Lethbridge Stewart and Osgood (Gifs not mine)


"Well, that’s not me at all!"

Spearhead from Space - season 07 - 1970

Pippin’s Song in the tBotFA Trailer



(I haven’t heard anything about this unseen LotR footage - if you could link me to the interview, maybe the exact wording would give me some ideas as to what he’s talking about? And it looks like elvish archers behind Gandalf - they must be either from Lorien fighting at Dol Goldur, or from Mirkwood fighting at Erebor.)

Ah, Pippin’s song. I loved the use of this song in the trailer. Not only does it fit the Oh Wow This Is Going To Be Depressing tone they’re going for, but it also highlighted a really beautiful parallel between LotR and The Hobbit. I’ve already seen a couple posts on Tumblr with people complaining about the reuse of this song, so I figured it was worth explaining why (at least in my opinion) it was such a good idea to do so.

In Return of the King, Pippin sings this song (called “Edge of Night”) to Denethor while Faramir rides off on a hopeless attempt to reclaim Osgiliath. It’s a pretty dark moment in the movie, and the juxtaposition between Faramir riding to his (assumed) death and Denethor chomping down on his lunch is used to highlight Denethor’s failings as a father, as well as his willingness to sacrifice lives for his pride. (NOTE: This all happens differently in the books, and my description of Denethor’s character only applies to the movie-verse.) All in all, the song seems to reflect the tragic nature of a war fought for pride, or for little real purpose (since everyone knew the soldiers wouldn’t actually be able to re-take Osgiliath.)

This brings us to The Hobbit. While the climactic fight is called the Battle of Five Armies, it actually starts with only three - and instead of fighting for survival, or some noble Good vs. Evil situation, it’s a battle started because of a dispute over money. Thematically, (whether you agree with this characterization or not), it’s largely blamed on Thorin’s pride and greed. The dwarves’ part in this battle is not as hopeless as Faramir’s was (since they’ve got help from Dain Ironfoot and the dwarves of the Iron Hills), but it’s even more pointless because of its petty cause. So, for me, the reuse of Pippin’s song creates a parallel not just between Denethor and Thorin, but more generally it ties in with that earlier theme of the tragedy of pointless war and death.

SOURCES: Pippin’s song in Return of the King and The new Hobbit trailer

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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Official Teaser Trailer [x]

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The Oath of Fëanor 

Team Fëanorians for the Silmarillion Read-Along!

fill in the blanks

1. name: mel
2. birthday: some time before the year 2000 (thank u previous answerer for answer)
3. favorite color: a nice dark red
4. lucky number: 31
5. height: 5’3 ish


1. last dream you remember: (how is this a talent) but okay i was on some sort of holiday with the family. a riverboat was involved. then BAM next thing I know i’m in a kitchen, worf is on the tv and picard is whacking things with an oven tray.
2. can you juggle: i don’t think two really counts but still.
3. art/sports/both: neither is definitely the option i need here.
4. do you like writing: yep
5. do you like dancing: hell no
6. do you like singing: hella no i am completely incapable of pitching intervals


1. dream vacation: dang. torn between scotland and new zealand. 
3. dream guy/gal: well apparently that’s picard hitting things with oven trays so.
4. dream wedding: my family has super lame weddings i mean seriously.
5. dream pet: wascally wabbits. wat.
6. dream job: archaeology ugh.

1. favorite song: misty mountains cold. help. 
2. favorite album:
3. favorite artist: whoever made the dying gaul. mann. 
4. last song you heard on the radio: does anyone actually remember.
5. least favorite song: something by the doors ugh
6. least favorite album: something involving the doors ugh
7. least favorite artist: the doors ugh


1. guys/girls/both: huh
2. hair color: mousey. i feel this adjective
3. eye color: bloodshot
4. humorous/serious: porque no los dos??
5. taller/shorter: talller. ahahaha. unfulfilled ambitions. it’s not like i’m tall. 
6. biggest turn-off: dirty things. literally. and on what is basically a tangent i hate public transport so much it’s so gross.
7. biggest turn-on: the light switch ahaha i’m so lame. 

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Make Me Choose: Ten’s Ties or Ten’s Red Converse 

requested by littlelionmanning.


Make Me Choose: Ten’s Ties or Ten’s Red Converse 

requested by littlelionmanning.